Welcome to the site of the company determined to help eliminate "rescued animals" from our vocabulary!


Freddie Boy Press is the publishing company of the Rescued Animal Tails series of books written by Heidi L. Schlatter and illustrated by Heidi V. Patten. Each book will tell the story of an actual rescued animal.

A percentage of the proceeds from the sales of these books will be donated to the rescue / adoption organizations responsible for saving the title character of each book in the series.

Our mission at Freddie Boy Press is primarily to bring an awareness to all and educate children about the great needs of animals and the importance of respectful and kind treatment of them.

First book in the Rescued Animal Tails series

This is the first book in the Rescued Animal Tails series about actual animals that have been rescued and adopted into their forever homes. Some might include those animals still waiting for placement in future books.

This story is about the author's own rescued kitty, Merlin, who had been raised with dogs and thought that's what he was - a dog! He was adopted into his forever home with a new KITTY brother, Pudge, who was very different than he was in many ways. He could jump high and do the things most cats do, and Merlin found himself wishing he could be a kitty too! After trying very hard to do what Pudge did - in the end he had a wonderful surprise! He really was a kitty!

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The first book in the Rescued Animal Tails series, Merlin, The Cat Who Thought He Wasn't.