Me         Heidi L. Schlatter, Author

The author, Heidi L. Schlatter, was raised in rural Connecticut and remembers having pets throughout her youth, and the lessons taught to her by her parents to always respect animals and nature and to live with a kind heart. Many of her studies have pertained to Animal Science and she has been employed in animal related industries in the past. Currently she sells holistic pet foods and volunteers at Mary's Kitty Korner Adoption Center in Granby, CT.

Her desire has always been to make a positive difference in the lives of animals and children. She determined that writing a series of rescued animal stories for children could provide an avenue to do so.

A percentage of the proceeds from the sales of these books will be donated to the rescue / adoption organizations responsible for saving the title character of each book in the series.

Author's Note: My purpose for writing these stories is twofold. First, I want to promote adoptions of rescued animals, which are often adult animals who are truly deserving of safe and loving homes, but not blessed with positive beginnings. And second, my target audience is young people to elicit an awareness of the nature of animals. Children need to understand that animals have feelings, distinct personalities, and form bonds with people and other animals.

I also am hopeful that human adults will be reminded similarly.

Heid    Heidi V. Patten

Her illustrator is longtime friend, Heidi Patten, who also has been involved with animals through her studies and employment.

Ms. Patten is a talented artist with a whimsical abstract style of artwork. She also loves drawing animals and shares in the desire to help animals and children.

First book in the Rescued Animal Tails series

The above interview was conducted by Lucinda Curran, author and host of Change Your Life Radio" -