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Rescued Animal Tails Creation

By on Dec 31, 2013 in Animal Adoption, Personal Stories | 0 comments

This is an interview of [me], Heidi L. Schlatter, talking about my own rescued kitties and the purpose behind developing the Rescued Animal Tails.

My Kitty Babies

By on Dec 20, 2013 in Animal Adoption, Personal Stories | 0 comments

Well, I can’t do blog posts and not talk about my furry kids. I mentioned Pudge in one blog related to his teeth, and also Merlin on my ‘About’ page. I haven’t yet taken the time to tell you a little about them really, so I will try to do so now. I can’t neglect the two main characters from my book – Merlin, The Cat Who Thought He Wasn’t! I had seen Pudge on as I was searching for just the right kitty to adopt and bring into my home. I had always been a bit partial to orange cats so while looking daily at many kitties, I came across little Pudgie’s picture and though he had a lot more white on him than I was looking for, I found myself returning to his page over and over again. I made arrangements with Lisa Shackett from Mary’s Kitty Korner to meet Pudge, so my mom and I were off to see if we’d be taking him...

Sandy Had a Past

By on Dec 15, 2013 in Personal Stories | 2 comments

Sandy was a dog my grandparents adopted from the humane society many years ago. My brother and I were still kids and he was wonderful with us as he was with all the people he met. But Sandy had a past that none of us could ever know about and that past influenced what kind of pooch he would become. He was very playful and had a good nature about him. He probably weighed all of 30 pounds, but the little dickens would regularly uproot his tether anchor, or once even pulled a long 4″ X 4″ board from the porch structure,  and dragged it across the street to see the cows when he noticed they were out! He learned many words and tricks of all types. My grandmother often joked that he must have been a circus dog. He surely would have had a grand stage presence! He looked  like he was smiling or laughing most of the time and loved showing off his beautiful “feathers” on...

Get to Really Know Your Cat(s)

By on Dec 9, 2013 in Animal Health & Safety, Personal Stories | 0 comments

Cats are a tough lot, there’s no doubt about it. I’ve read many times how they mask illness or pain and that by the time we see symptoms, it can actually be too late to get the health issue taken care of, or at the least – be quite difficult to treat the ailment. It’s true enough. My very own kitty, Pudge, seemingly was acting his normal self. He was hungry and playful as well as a little ornery per usual. I noticed that he started to act as though he was getting fussy. He was hungry – that was obvious, but unless I put something irresistible like canned fish, he would nibble a bit and then walk off later to be looking for food and eating a bit more. I figured he was getting older and likely persnickety, but then as I thought about it, he was a kitty that always had a bit of a gum issue right from the start when I first adopted him. Checking his gums, he...